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About Becky Levy

Becky is a Jamaican born artist and dream chaser. 

On any given day her mood can range between that of a reckless ravaz clavaz, a quiet home body, a beach bum, a fitness fanatic, a terrible poet and a troubled psychotic. She drinks her coffee black and her rum on the rocks; She's not interested in any form of watered down experience...

Hopping cities, shifting life approaches and intensely connecting to all she does - Becky's dynamic nature lends her art versatility. Her work fluctuates between vibrant realism, and reckless expressionism as she responds to day to day changes in her consciousness. Beneath all the hype and sway, she's really just an artist, seeking deep meaning and purpose to stimulate her creative experience. 



I just wrote about myself in third person...Friends, I think its safe to say things are about to get very, very weird.

You've been warned

xx Becky