Becky joined forces with the Paint Jamaica team in November 2014 for their second project in Parade Gardens, an inner city community in Kingston, Jamaica.

This time around the grassroots organization united artists and community members for a 10 day project to paint murals on Holy Family Primary School. The team sat in on classes to ask kids about their visions for Jamaica and their own ideas for the mural project. Inspired by their words and the uplifting energy created just steps at the 41 Fleet Street project, we went all out with our visions. Fearlessly and relentlessly painting from morning till night in the face of dutty Chick-V mosquitos, It was awesome.

Ackee Eye was meant to target the children most frustrated with Jamaica - the ones who believed that kids abroad were happier because the most powerful emotions they associated with living here revolved around fear, violence and lack of opportunity, I wanted them to see their country for it's beauty instead, so gave them a new lens... Through our own national fruit. Ackee Eye shows off island vibes - the boastful vibrance of our people, the intrinsic beauty of our landscape, an abundance of fruit and never ending sunshine - We are "Too Blessed To Stress".   


Paint Jamaica is a grassroots organization and an art initiative born out of the idea that art can fuel positive social change. For the first time in Jamaica, various creatives (painters, illustrators, photographers, videographers etc) have teamed together to transform the visual landscape of downtown Kingston. Funded entirely by crowdfund donations, artists, volunteers and community members collaborate, bringing beautiful artwork to rundown, forgotten places. This act of communities opening their walls to accept something new revitalizes the people and streets of inner city communities and promotes sustainable growth as everyone involved learns to take action. 

The dream is to cover the entire dowtown area with art, bringing pride and positive vybes to as much Jamaicans as possible. More art, more love, more unity, more progress.