Outdoor Classroom x PLANT JAMAICA


Plant Jamaica is another grassroots movement and community initiative led by Andrew Bruce, to promote sustainable growth and beautification in Kingston Jamaica. He runs everything - Sourcing and recycling materials by searching through trash at big corporations, and picking up old picket fences from mad people like Rosie Levy's backyard. Who, apart from him and my mother, really collects that stuff??

He then goes further to direct community members on how to reuse and rebuild these materials as furniture and most importantly, farming supplies, since he ALSO plants vegetable seeds. Making sustainable farms throughout communities so the people will continue to reap benefits for years to come.

Over at Holy Family Primary, while we were painting murals, Plant Jamaica was implementing a garden for the children to maintain. And once that was done, he dreamed and schemed this Outdoor Classroom and psychedelic creative space to compliment the garden. Its an impactful setting where kids can share creativity, and learn both science and responsibility through hands on experience. 

I will say that Andrew is a different breed of people. Plant Jamaica is sort of the toy he can't put down, but his work ethic is no play thing! No half-ass labour - He expects to get things done! And I mean with perfect effort, efficiency and execution from everyone involved because there is always more work to be done. If you saw the amount of love and commitment he puts into this project, you really can't blame him for his standards. 


Pleasee donate so next time I paint for this guy I don't have 50 unruly kids surrounding me fighting and begging for paintbrushes. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't also trying to control the OTHER 50 who actually had paint. They were so far gone painting outside the lines that they began painting each-other's faces instead...

Day 1 wen't from 0-100 real quick. I'm surprised I survived it.

Even though I'm kind of scarred I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you Andrew for your moral support as I struggled with leadership and even more life-threatening fender bender. Can't wait to help you with the painting side again this 2015! 


Support Plant Jamaica! The work never ever ever stops!!