Reflecting on 2015

Setting your intention is KEY!! And so I believe it is important to take a moment to reflect on our lives, what has mattered most, and what direction we're heading in as we move into a new year. 

2015 was such a transformative time for me, I accomplished things I never knew possible, but also learned the importance of modesty and balance.... I learned that perfectionism is the antithesis of life, because if you let your ideals constrict your actions, you miss out on the most valuable opportunities. I learned (and am still learning) that to truly open myself to others, and be vulnerable - also means setting boundaries that embrace my values and protect my mental health.

These days I am filled with a happiness I haven't felt for years, and I am so proud of myself for reaching this positive and secure place. From being back in school, I'm seeing that I'm definitely worthy and CAPABLE of creating my own destiny and steering my life in the direction of my dreams. And I am so thankful for the people in Jamaica, Vancouver, and my family and friends around the world, who support me and build me up through every transition I make to get there. 

2016 is looking sooo incredibly promising, and Im very excited for the opportunities, challenges, lessons, and experiences that lie ahead, the people I will share them with, and all the unexpected ripples that this journey will create. My mission is to embrace it all with complete OPENNESS. 

That being said. Second semester back in art school starts this week and I am moree thann readyy to focus on my practice and paint my guts out. 2016 - Bringggg onnn the good, the bad, the crazy and the ugly! I can just feel those creative juices flowing already ;)


New year, me dis. 

Happy Monday & all the best for the year ahead !