First, self-love.


I feel like I'm ascending and my ego is screaming who do you think you are to dwell so high above the rest?! Why does my ego think I'm higher? How do I come down without losing myself to the masses? How do I ascend without leaving those I love? I just want to be here. To be me. To show that we can all rise up. To show that we can all just elevate, as one.

combustion in the sky

So much combustion. Too much emotion. When will the clouds clear out?



03/04/2015 ~ Soul, Ignited

I can kinkdle the candle of your heart

And open the vacuum of your sealed soul -

Scrap that tender shit.

Your soul is the one object of my desire,

The fuel that gives rise to my fire;

When I let you in, I can ignite you

As I combust all the love that can possibly be into spontaneous existence.