Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars – Dante Alighieri 

((Translation; a little relapse brought messages - poetry - from muse))



Temporal Spin. 19/03/15

When the rush ends

When the spin settles

When the mind falls flat;


Like a tossed coin to the collapse of all that is temporal ~

Heads or Tails ~

I fall to the eternal.




This one came to me as a song in a dream where I danced with the Author, The Unknown...

I remember that night so vividly;

blind contour. zero light.

blind contour. zero light.


Verses from Above. A recurring song 28/09/14

Don’t forget the song of the song bird,

Don’t forget the love of the love bird,

Don’t forget the songs that made you dance...


Don’t forget the songs..
















In honour of tomorrow's equinox:

new moon


Phases of the Moon 19/03/15

You and I

Aligned in July

From a planetary shift


Then in December,

As the Sun

And the New Moon,

We met

For a total Soular eclipse.





This is how I feel about those damn great Danes, after they eat MY Good Up Turkey Dinner off the kitchen counter:


Dangling meat.  19/03/15

Your blood

Your love

Is cold

And vicious.


I’m dangling meat;


Devour -


You starving dog.


Message(s) delivered.