Got my portie fix

Friday was a beyond perfect day in Portland; One of sun, restoration and rejuvenation for mother and artist child. Days festivities included:

1. Winnifred beach ! Wfinally made it!! (And it is BEAUTIFUL)....I highly recommend you check it out, especially if you're into the white-ras-tourist-type... Just kidding. This not-so-well-kept-secret spot is really and truly native's land and Jamaican paradise in its purest form.

2. Lunch @ Boston Jerk - I nearly choked on their dry out chicken breast but the big fat side of a perfection ((roasted sweet potato)) really helped wash it down... And I guess the ice-cold coconut water helped a little too.
3. Monkey Island/ Blue Lagoon raft tour - Led by a man who bred out one tourist whom he saved from drowning. He also made it very clear he wanted none of that pickney visa she offered him... But in other, more important news: I swam in The Blue Lagoon for the first time in my life...And seeing as no raft-man had to come afta me, that first time definitely won't be my last.

Photos from Friday's excursions:

In the end the sunchild's dream came true and she slept all the way home. Thank you mummy for the day trip!

P.S. It's official. Portland you have my heart.

Every inch of you - from the ocean straight up the mountain top - calls my name. Yes, Hills of Portland, I'm coming to you next.