Zennn outt - how to namaslay your day.

NAMASLAY YOUR DAY w/ these 5 meditation tricks


EARTHLINGS. Let me make something clear for you: Meditation is not just “ohhhhmmmmmmmm” !

Meditation is a SERIOUSLY profitable tool for anyone who feels they could get more out of their day and relationships... Especially when done to your own standards. Because once you get this bad boy into your daily routine, the benefits are much like good sex: 

It sharpens your senses for better focus, working memory, and productivity throughout the day. It induces a euphoric mood - which translates to ENERGY. Aka a pep in your step as you bounce from task to task.  

And aallllll this extra wukkin’ wears you out (in the best kinda way) for better sleep quality once the day is over. 

I for one started my practice just 3 weeks ago, and the difference between the art I make on days I do and don’t meditate is f*%#$ing astounding. PLUS I’m just a much happier person in general…. which means no more antidepressants …..Lettt me not get too real about these lifted spirits.

Now, I am no yogi, chakra healer or spiritual guru. But I do wear gypsy pants and eat kale on an almost daily basis. So that must give me some credibility as a hippie, right???


So here are my 5 tips to - what I call - SUCCESSFUL ZENNNINGGGG OUT:


1. Pick a spot and tek position:

I lie down, make a 4 with my left leg, spread arms palms facing up…Don’t ask. Just know this feels like jesus.

As an alternate method, a friend once told me he sits outside and practices under his pouie tree…. I have yet to try this but it sounds magical.


2. Tek a daily jook at it:

My belief thus far is there is no ‘correct’ way to meditate, at least not in the beginning when youre just trying to make meditation a habit. The most important thing is you just sit with yourself on a daily basis and tek yuh time.

For starts: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40….100 stab, 1000 jook minutes is a nice likkle wukkin....

You know how long you can last ;)


3. Innhhaaale…. Exhaaaleee.

 Right into your little toesies…work your way up to yuh head top. One breath at a time.

*** One yogi thing I will say – Notice as you breathe how these areas feel. Your awareness of your body will eventually expand beyondd you. Don’t be scared! Its just dem good good zen feels… Tek it all in. ***


4. Remember it’s a process:

Foolish worldly thoughts will return to break you from your peace. Laugh at them. Thennnnnn bring your attention back to your breath to access greater yogasmic experience.

Repeat process till time is up. Repeat process daily. Results will vary. That’s part of the process.


5. Hug yourself for AT LEAST 5 seconds once sesh is complete. You’ll know you deserve it when you done zennedd out good.


Go on, fellow earthling -

Namaslay the fuck out of your day.


Peace xx (Day 7)